Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

From Telecoms to health, finance and insurance to construction, Zawayah provides comprehensive services that cover the gamut from sales and marketing to engineers and technicians and health-care

  • Executive Search Services
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Job Referral
  • Placement Assistance for job seekers
  • Recruitment Services to Employers with openings
  • Assessment of Job Seeker, Skill levels, Abilities, and Attitude
  • Career Guidance

A culture of safety is not created by a quick fix or achieved overnight. It needs commitment, dedication, and determination to create and maintain it. At Zawayah we know the best way to control losses is to prevent them, and we are here to help.

Our field visits and Loss Control Reviews focus attention on the importance of safety in loss prevention. Clients choose to partner with us because we are a premier risk management pool providing targeted programs and services to address exposures and help them reduce or eliminate losses & increase business. Zawayah's success is the result of the combined experience of team members.

We investigate clients' losses, review claims data, analyze our loss drivers and then use that information to update our Loss Control Review questions and forms to reflect the areas that require your focus. We promote, teach, and encourage you and your personnel to commit to safety on and off the job.

We use that same information from our yearly analyses, coupled with ongoing reviews, to create programs targeting specific safety issues. Then we help you use those resources to promote a culture of safety within your agencies thereby helping to reduce and prevent losses.

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